Advertisers Knowledge Base

Discover the answers to virtually any question related to your Advertiser account in our Advertiser Knowledgebase. Here we have covered a range of frequently asked questions and topics, ranging from 'How To Login To Your Account' all the way through to how to set up your campaigns on the network. If you have a question, you will find the answer here!

  • Setting Up

    Here you can find answers to practically every question you may have when setting up your ClickSure Advertiser Account.

  • Compliance

    Here you can find the answer to any questions you may have concerning compliance documents for your Advertiser Account.

  • Campaigns

    Below you will find useful FAQ's to help you get started when setting up your Campaigns on ClickSure.

  • Transactions & Analytics

    Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Transactions & Analytics.

  • Finance

    Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Payments and Billing History.

  • Advanced Features

    Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Advanced Advertiser Features on ClickSure.

Setting Up

  • How Do I Create An Advertiser Account?

    You can click on the Get Started tab on the homepage or you can go directly to the link Here If you choose to go to the page, you will be presented with the following image: Click the Sign up for free today tab ... Read More

  • Do I Have To Pay To Activate My Account?

    Advertisers are required to pay a one time fee of $49.95 in order to advertise offers on the ClickSure network. This fee can be paid by either credit or debit card. If you have any questions regarding Advertiser fees, please contact the ClickSure Support Team... Read More

  • What Is Email Verification?

    After registering with ClickSure and creating an Advertiser Account you will be sent a confirmation email. Go to your email inbox and find the email from ClickSure Support. Check your junk folder if you do not find it in your inbox. Click on the link in the ... Read More

  • What Is Cell Phone Verification?

    Once you have verified your email you will be able to verify your cell phone number. Check for an SMS on your cell phone, get the four digit code from within the SMS and type it into the verification code field. Then click Continue. If you haven’t recei... Read More

  • How Do I Use The Advertiser Dashboard?

    The Advertiser Dashboard is the area from which you can reach all sections of your account. Included in the Dashboard is the billing history of your account, where you will be able to see your account balance.  At the top of your screen you will see thre... Read More

  • Can I Have More Than One Advertiser Account?

    You can have multiple campaigns on one account so you do not need more than one Advertiser Account. However, you may have different business partners for different offers and open more than one account for this, or other reasons.... Read More

  • How Do I Change The Email Address Or Password?

    If you wish to change the email address associated with your account, or change your password, click on the My Account icon in the left hand sidebar.  This will take you to the page with your name and other profile details. You can change your email addr... Read More

  • How Do I Contact ClickSure Support?

    You can contact the ClickSure support team at any time by clicking on the envelope in the top right hand corner of your screen and selecting the Contact ClickSure Staff button.  The ClickSure Support Team are available between 9am-5pm GMT, Monday to... Read More



  • What Is A Campaign?

    Probably the most important part of being an Advertiser on ClickSure is your campaign. The campaign is what Affiliates will be promoting so that they can receive a commission and you receive your revenue. Campaigns are what will appear in the ClickSure Market... Read More

  • How Do I Set Up A Campaign?

    To start creating your campaign, click on the My Campaigns tab at the top of your Advertiser Dashboard. Once here you need to click the Create New Campaign button. This is where you will need to input your campaign details.   Campaign Deta... Read More

  • How Do I Request Approval?

    Once you have created your campaign you will need to have it approved by the ClickSure Team. Please click on the Edit Campaign button for your newly created Campaign. Here you can click on the Request Approval button. This will send a ticket to ... Read More

  • How To Get My Campaign Live In The Marketplace?

    Once you have had your campaign approved by the ClickSure team you will be able to put it live in the ClickSure Marketplace. When your campaign has been approved it will be set to Hidden by default. This means that Affiliates can promote your campaign but it ... Read More

  • What Is My Landing Page?

    Your Landing Page is the website that will be displayed when a customer clicks on an Affiliate Link for your campaign. This should be the site that sells your offer to the customer. It should display vital information that you wish the customer to know an... Read More

  • What Is A JV Page?

    A JV Page (Joint Venture Page) is a webpage that Affiliates can visit to receive promotional materials to help them promote your campaigns. Materials such as banners, images, email swipes and other helpful promotional tools should be added to your JV Page. Bas... Read More

  • Does The Campaign I Set Up Need To Be For My Own Offer?

    Advertisers who wish to submit an offer to ClickSure must be able to prove that they own the offer in question. ClickSure cannot approve any campaigns for offers that are not owned by the Advertiser.... Read More

  • When Will My Offer Show In The Launch Offers Table?

    Your offer will be featured in the Launch Offers table when it has generated a higher spend than the 10th offer in the table. The ranking is based on the total spend over the last 7 days. To appear in the Launch Offers table your offer needs to have been live... Read More

  • How Do I Put My Offer On The Launch Calendar?

    Before putting your Campaign live in the Marketplace you can add your offer to our Launch Calendar. This will allow Affiliates to anticipate your Offer's Launch and allow them to get more information about your Campaign before they promote. You can place you... Read More

  • Can I Have More Than One Campaign Or Offer On My Account?

    You can create as many campaigns as you wish in your Advertiser Account. We do not have restrictions on how many campaigns or offers you can have on a single account. We recommend that Advertisers stick to a single account to run all of their campaigns.... Read More

  • Do I Need To Add Any Parameters To My Landing Page?

    What parameters you need to add to your Landing Page depends on the type of pixel you are using and the information you wish to pull. If you are using a Postback pixel, you are required to add ?clickid=xxxclickidxxx to the end of your Landing Page URL. This i... Read More

  • What Type Of Pixel Should I Use?

    The type of Pixel you use will largely depend on the type of offer you wish to launch. There are two main Pixel types; Iframe and Postback. Iframe – This Pixel type offers a simple means to track Affiliate sales. The Pixel needs to be placed on the Than... Read More

  • Where Can I Find The Pixel That I Need To Place?

    You can find the Pixel by going to Edit Campaign for your offer and clicking the Show Pixel button next to the Default Payout. This will open a box where the Pixel can be copied, to be pasted exactly where you need to. For information on where and h... Read More

  • Where/How Do I Place The Pixel?

    Where to place your Pixel depends on the type of Pixel you wish to use for your offer. You can find the pixels by going to Edit Campaign for your offer and clicking the Show Pixel button next to the Default Payout. This will open a box where the Pixel can be c... Read More

  • How Long Will The Pixel Track For?

    How long the pixel tracks for is dependent on the type of pixel you are using. Postback Pixel - This is a server-to-server based pixel that keeps tracking information regardless of whether the customer clears their cookies and cache. Iframe - Iframe pixels r... Read More

  • What Is The Cash Prize Campaign?

    The Cash Prize Campaign is an automatically generated campaign for each Advertiser. You can use the Cash Prize Campaign to pay out the winning Affiliates of the competitions and incentives displayed on your JV Page. If you wish to send a Cash Prize to specifi... Read More

  • What Is GeoTargeting?

    GeoTargeting allows you to Block/Allow traffic from specific countries. For example, you may want to use this setting if you only want Top Tier traffic going to your Landing Page. You can access the Geo Targeting Options from the Landing Pages & GeoTarget... Read More

  • Where Can I Manage Settings For Different Affiliates?

    You can manage settings for the Affiliates promoting your offer from the Affiliate Settings button next to your offer from the My Campaigns tab. Once here, you can set-up Private Affiliate Payouts and block Affiliates from promoting your offer. For informati... Read More

  • Does My Sales Page Need To Be Mobile Optimized?

    Your sales page does not necessarily need to be optimized for mobile, but this may limit the chances of a sale from cell phone users. Many people use devices that may need mobile optimization. Browsing the internet, checking social media pages and clicking on... Read More

  • Should I Offer A Competition To Affiliates?

    Competitions for top performing Affiliates can be a good incentive for Affiliates to promote your offer. You may also attract top Affiliates with generous competitions and give yourself a competetive advantage in the Marketplace. Although competitions adverti... Read More

  • How Can I Get Affiliates To Promote My Offer?

    There are many methods to encourage Affiliates to promote your offer. One of the first things you should do once your campaign is active is to set a date in our Launch Calendar. This allows Affiliates to anticipate upcoming offers and get a flavour of what you... Read More

  • Can I Limit Who Promotes My Offer?

    You can limit the Affiliates who promote your offer in a number of ways. The most basic means of doing this is to set your Campaign Visible setting to Apply to Promote or Limit By Trust score. With Apply to Promote, Affiliates must apply to you directly for ... Read More

  • Can I Block Affiliates From Promoting My Offer?

    You can block Affiliates who you do not wish to have promoting your offer. You can do this by clicking on the Affiliate Settings button next to your offer in the Campaigns tab in your Account. Once here you will see a button called Block Affiliate. Click this... Read More

  • Can I Offer A Private Payout Rate To An Affiliate?

    You can set-up private payouts for specific Affiliates by clicking the Aff Settings button next to the relevant offer from the My Campaigns tab. Private Payouts are designed to allow you to reward the best performing Affiliates with higher Payouts. Here you c... Read More

  • Can I Whitelist Affiliates To Promote My Offer While I Test?

    Whitelist Pixel Fire is a fraud prevention tool that is available to the Advertiser when setting up their campaign. It will appear automatically in the Edit Campaign section if the pixel being used is a Postback. Whitelist Pixel Fire allows the Advertiser to... Read More

  • How Much Commission Should I Offer To Affiliates?

    When considering the amount of commission to pay out to Affiliates promoting your offers, there are a number of factors to take into account. How much can you afford? - You do not want to pay out Affiliates more than what you would gain in the long-term. If ... Read More

  • What Is Split Testing?

    Split Testing is a feature designed for Advertisers to test out different Landing Pages for their offers. ‘Split Testing’ allows you to have multiple Landing Pages for a single offer and to set the percentage of traffic that goes to each Landing Pa... Read More

  • What Are Affiliate Pixels?

    Affiliate Pixels allow the Affiliate to pull data from their Affiliate account in to a 3rd party tracking platform. This is useful for Affiliates to keep track of multiple campaigns they may have running through multiple networks. For information on how to gr... Read More

  • How Do I Test My Links?

    Testing the Affiliate links associated with your offer before it launches is an important process. It allows yourself, and ClickSure, to see that sales are tracking correctly.  You can test your offer's Affiliate Links by copying the Campaign Track Usern... Read More

  • How Are Offers Ranked in the Marketplace?

    The Marketplace ranking is based on the performance of offers over the last 7 days.  The offer at #1 is the offer that has generated the most revenue over the previous 7 days regardless of how long the offer has been live in the Marketplace.  The r... Read More

Transactions & Analytics

  • Why Would I Use The Transactions Section?

    Here you will be able to view information about the actions Affiliates promoting your offer have made. These actions could be sales, for which you would pay Affiliates commission or these could be voided, tested or refunded orders. The information shown break... Read More

  • What Is The Analytics Section Used For?

    In this section you are able to analyse the data from your offers and all Affiliates that are promoting over a certain time period. As with Transactions, you can search using the date range tool. You can search for statistics dating back six months.  You... Read More

  • What Is An Action?

    An Action is another word for sale. The Affiliate will need to complete a specific action in order to get paid the commission amount set in your campaign. In the Transactions section of your account, you'll notice under the title Action, it will display the w... Read More

  • What is an Action ID?

    Each time an Action is carried out a unique Action ID is generated. This allows ClickSure to search for a particular action if needed.... Read More

  • What Is A Click ID?

    A Click ID is a unique number that is generated when a potential customer clicks on an Affiliate link. A Click ID is needed when the action you're paying the commission for is a deposit and not just a regular purchase. Most commonly used for Binary offers. T... Read More

  • What Is A Conversion Rate?

    The conversion rate shows the percentage of clicks which have resulted in an action. For example, if an Affiliate link has received 4 clicks in total and 1 action has resulted from these clicks the conversion rate would be 25%.... Read More

  • What Does Avg. EPC Mean?

    This is the average earnings per click and can be calculated using formula like in the below example: 1.  Price of your product:  $500 2.  Affiliate commission received for each sale:  $50 3.  Net number of sales: 25 4.  Total... Read More

  • What Is The Difference Between Paid Out And Spend?

    The Paid Out column shows the amount you are required to pay to Affiliates in commission. The Spend column combines the Affiliate payments with Advertiser fees for ClickSure.... Read More

  • What Can I Search For Using The Advanced Search Tab?

    Clicking on the Show Advanced Search tab will allow you to search for a transaction in a number of ways. You can search for a Transaction by Action ID, Affiliate, ClickID or Campaign Name. You can also search via the Transaction Reference relevant to your off... Read More

  • Can I Search By Date Range?

    When viewing Transactions, you're able to search by date range. ClickSure allows you to search for stats dating back for the last six months. You can see the date range fields at the top of the Transactions page.    Here, you'll see the fields la... Read More

  • What Does The + Sign Mean By The Campaign?

    Clicking on the + sign by the Campaign will bring up in depth information for each Affiliate, showing the amount of Clicks and Actions their promotions have generated.... Read More

  • How Do I Search By Campaign?

    You can search by campaign by selecting the Sort By drop down menu and selecting Campaign. If you search by Campaign, the information will be sorted by the amount of Actions the Campaign has made. ... Read More

  • Can I Search For An Affiliate That's Promoting My Offer?

    You can view the data from a certain Affiliate that has been promoting your offer inside the Transaction section of your Advertiser account. This can be done by clicking the Advanced Search button and typing in the Affiliates name in the section labelled Affi... Read More

  • What Are Excluded Affiliates?

    The Excluded Affiliates section allows you to insert the username of one or more Affiliates that you wish to exclude from the Transactions results. This feature is located under the Advanced Search section.  This is useful if you have an Affiliate that h... Read More

  • Can I See How Much I Am Paying Out The Affiliates Promoting My Offers?

    Yes. This information is displayed in the Paid Out column. This is broken down into rows by individual Affiliates and is filtered again by the Campaigns your Affiliates are promoting.... Read More

  • Can I Search By The Name Of The Offer Being Promoted?

    You can search for the statistics on an individual campaign that you have running on your account. This can be done by clicking Advanced Search and typing the name of your offer into the section labelled Campaign Name. ... Read More

  • Can I Search For A Certain Offer Type?

    It is possible for you to search for a certain type of offer in the Transactions section of your account. When you access the Transactions section, you'll notice 5 tick boxes: CPA, CPL, CPS, MLT and CPR. You can uncheck these boxes to leave the offer types y... Read More

  • My Offer Has More Than One Landing Page. Can I See Which Landing Page Is Converting Best?

    If your offer has more than one landing page, you can also click on the Show Landing Page Breakdown to provide you information on the performance of each landing page.... Read More

  • Can I Export My Transactions?

    You can export your transactions from the ClickSure system if you wish to do so. To do this, firstly you'll need to select the date range that you wish to export. Once the results have returned, there'll be a link underneath the table titled Export Transactio... Read More

  • Can I Search By Invoice Date?

    You can search by the Invoice Date when viewing for Transactions data in your Advertiser account. To do this, simply select Invoice Date by clicking the Sort By drop down menu.  *Please note; ClickSure issues Advertiser invoices on Mondays. So you n... Read More

  • How Is The Amount Calculated In The Transactions Section?

    Inside the Transactions section of your Advertiser account, you will notice the heading titled Amount in the results table. This section is designed to show you how much each action is costing you as an Advertiser.  *Please note, this amount in... Read More

  • What Is A Void Transaction?

    A voided transaction means a reversal of a payout earned by an Affiliate for the relevant action undertaken through their Affiliate link. Voided payouts are at the Advertisers discretion. *Please note, ClickSure monitors voided actions and can request eviden... Read More

  • When Would I Void A Transaction?

    The ability to void is controlled by Advertisers. There may be the rare occasions when you decide to void a transaction. This can be for a variety of reasons, for example you may feel that the order was fraudulent and created purely to generate a commission f... Read More

  • How Do I Void A Transaction?

    If you would like to void a transaction an Affiliate has made for your offer you will need to go to the Transactions section of your account. You must select the relevent dates which will include the transaction you wish to void by using the Date Range feature... Read More

  • Why Am I Unable To Void An Action?

    Each Advertiser account has a void limit of 10%. If you have reached this limit then you'll be unable to void any more actions. If you've reached the void limit but have located some fraudulent actions, then you'll need to contact the ClickSure Support Team di... Read More


  • What Are ClickSure Fees?

    Sign Up Fee For Advertisers who want to use ClickSure we charge an initial one-off activation fee of $49.95. This charge will need to be paid before any Campaigns can be approved. Please note that this is a single payment and does not incur a subscription an... Read More

  • When Will My Discounts Be Applied?

    The discounts on your ClickSure fees will be applied once the invoice has been generated for each payment week. The discount will not display in the Current Spend & Payment Due Dates table but will be visible, and applied, once the the balance drops down ... Read More

  • Can I Get A Discount On My Fees?

    ClickSure offers discounts to our fees depending on amount of Spend made on any given invoice. These discounts will be automatically deducted from your invoice once it is finalized.  The discount parameters are: $0 - $24,999.99 = 0% $25,000.00 - ... Read More

  • How Do I Know How Much I Have To Pay?

    You can find out exactly how much you need to pay each week by visiting the Billing History section in your Advertiser account. All invoices are generated a week in advance of the date the Affiliate receives their pay out. This is based on the Weekly Net Paym... Read More

  • How Do I Keep Track Of What I've Paid/Owe?

    You will be able to keep track of what you have paid out and owe to Affiliates by going to the Billing History section of your Advertiser account. In the table titled Final Invoices & Receipts you can see what you have paid out to Affiliates previously an... Read More

  • How Often Do I Have To Pay?

    You are required to pay your invoices each week if you have outstanding expenditure. Invoices are generated on a Monday and require payment before Sunday of the same week. For information on how to locate your invoices please Click Here... Read More

  • How Do I Pay My Invoice?

    Once your Invoice has been generated you are required to pay this so that the Affiliates who have promoted your offer can be paid out. If you are unsure of how to find your invoice please Click Here To pay your invoices you can find all the information you ne... Read More

  • How Do I Settle My Invoice With ClickSure?

    The information required for an Advertiser to pay their invoice is shown under the Payments section of the account. Here, all the relevant information is shown in order to settle invoices. You can send payment by bank/wire transfer.    *Please ma... Read More

  • What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Invoice?

    If an invoice is generated and you do not pay within the given time frame the Affiliates who have promoted your offer will not get paid out their commissions. This has a lasting and damaging effect on your Campaigns as Affiliates will be reluctant to promote i... Read More

  • What Information Is Included In An Invoice?

    The first part of an invoice shows both who an Invoice is sent to and who it is sent from. An invoice will be sent to the address that you have given in the My Account section of your account. Please note that the invoice will not be physically sent by post. ... Read More

  • Do I Have To Use A Payment Reference?

    When sending a payment to ClickSure to settle an invoice or to pre-credit your account you are required to use your unique Payment Reference. You can find your reference in the Payments section of your account at the bottom of the Bank Account Information ar... Read More

  • What Payment Reference Should I Use?

    Your payment reference is shown on the Payments section of your account. It is displayed at the bottom of the section titled Bank Account Information and includes your user name. Please note you are required to use your Payment Reference whenever sending... Read More

  • What Happens If I Forget My Payment Reference?

    If you forget your payment reference then your Advertiser account may not be credited. Please contact the ClickSure support team immediately and they will attempt to locate your payment. Payments without references may delay your account being credited, resul... Read More

  • How Long Will It Take For ClickSure To Receive My Payment?

    It can take up to five working days for ClickSure to receive your payment and for the amount to be credited to your account. We send invoices on a Monday to be paid as soon as possible to ensure that the Affiliates promoting your offer receive their commissio... Read More

  • How Do I Know When ClickSure Have Received My Payment?

    You will be able to see when ClickSure has received your payment by checking your Account Balance. This information is available to view in the Billing History section of your account, where your Payments are shown.   The amount paid will be added ont... Read More

  • If I Have More Than One Advertiser Account Can I Pay My Invoices In One Payment?

    If you have a Master Account you will able to credit multiple Advertiser Accounts in one payment. By logging into your Master Account you will see the Wallet. From here, it is possible to pay off your last invoice in each Advertiser account by going to the Aut... Read More

Advanced Features

  • What Are Advertiser Sub Logins?

    The Advertiser Sub Logins allows you to create numerous account credentials. A sub account is needed if you wish to give another person access to your Advertiser account, but also wish to limit the permissions and features they can access.  For example... Read More

  • What Is The My Tools Section?

    The My Tools section is accessible by clicking the My Tools tab in your Advertiser account. My Tools hosts different features that you could find useful. My Tools contains features like IPN (Instant Payment Notification), MLT stats (Multi-Level Trackin... Read More

  • What Are The Resources In The 'My Marketplace' section?

    The Marketplace Resources is where you can upload various creatives that Affiliates can use to promote the offer. You can upload: Email Swipes – Pre written sales emails that can be used for Email Marketing. Banners – Clickable GIF ban... Read More

  • What Is Split Testing?

    Split Testing allows you to test two or more landing pages for your offer. This means that a set amount of traffic will go to one landing page, and other traffic will be diverted to the second landing page. Some Advertisers create multiple landing pages... Read More

  • How Do I Set Up Split Testing On A Campaign?

    To set up a split test on a campaign, firstly you will need two or more landing pages. Once your campaign has been set up, you will need to go to the Edit Campaign section, then click the Landing Pages & GeoTargeting Settings tab.  Once here, under... Read More

  • What Are Geographical Profiles?

    The Geographical Profiles feature allows the Advertiser to create predefined groups of certain countries. These groups can then be used with Campaign, Landing Page Geo targeting or Split Test Geo Filtering. This feature is useful if you find that you have cer... Read More

  • How Do I Set Up Geographical Profiles?

    To create a profile, simply click the Geographical Profiles tab under the My Campaigns section. A new profile can then be set up by clicking the Create button. Here, you will need to give the profile a name and select the countries you wish to add to t... Read More

  • What Is Whitelist Pixel Fire And Why Is It Needed?

    Whitelist Pixel Fire is a fraud prevention tool that is available to you when setting up your campaign. It will appear automatically in the Edit Campaign section if the pixel being used is a Postback. Whitelist Pixel Fire allows you to allocate an IP which wi... Read More

  • Can I Redirect My Blocked Traffic To Another Advertiser Offer?

    There is a feature in your Advertiser account that allows you to redirect blocked traffic from your offer to another Advertiser campaign.  To do this, firstly the Advertiser that you’ll be sending this blocked traffic to will need to give you permi... Read More

  • What Is Landing Page Level Targeting?

    Landing Page Level Targeting can be accessed from the Landing Page & GeoTargeting Settings section in your Advertiser account. It allows you to specify traffic from certain countries and send that traffic to a certain landing page.  To set this up, y... Read More

  • What Is Advertiser IPN?

    IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification. This can be set up to ping an alert when theres a new transaction. You can then update any stats they have running outside of ClickSure for your own reporting.  ... Read More

  • What Is API?

    API stands for Application Programming Interface. Once activated by ClickSure staff, Advertisers can pull data from their account to a 3rd party interface. The data that can be pulled includes Transactions, Analytics and Billing History. ... Read More

  • How Do I Implement API?

    The API section can be accessed by clicking the API Settings in the left hand navigation toolbar in the Advertiser account. In the API Settings section you’ll be given several headings, API Docs Analytics, API Docs Transactions, API Docs Billing History... Read More

  • What Is Multi Level Tracking (MLT)?

    Multi Level Tracking (MLT) allows you to refer other people to sign up to ClickSure as an Affiliate. Similar to 2nd Tier, you make a small percentage of commissions generated by the referred Affiliate for that offer. This can be set up through the campaign s... Read More

  • How Do I Set Up MLT?

    If you wish to set up MLT, firstly you’ll need to speak with a member of the ClickSure Support Team. They’ll have to enable MLT on your account. Once enabled, you will need to create a new sub-campaign, this can be done by clicking the Create butto... Read More

  • What is Multi Level Tracking (MLT) In The My Marketplace section?

    This allows you to refer other people to sign up to ClickSure as an Affiliate. Similar to 2nd Tier, you can then make a small percentage of any commissions generated by the referred Affiliate. This can be set up through the campaign section in the Advertiser ... Read More

  • What Is Affiliate Pixel Access?

    Affiliate Pixel Access is similar to API. This allows the Affiliate to pull data from their Affiliate account into a 3rd party tracking platform. This is useful for Affiliates to keep track of multiple campaigns they may have running through mu... Read More

  • How Can I Give Affiliate Pixel Access?

    As an Advertiser, you’ll have the option to grant or deny Pixel Access to Affiliates. The Affiliate can only request Pixel Access once they have generated $10,000 or more in commissions through their Affiliate account.    Once th... Read More

  • Can I Set A Private Payout For An Affiliate?

    You do have the option to set a private payout for individual Affiliates. This is useful if you wish to entice a particular Affiliate to focus on promoting your offer or reward Affiliates who are sending high quality traffic to their offer.  It allows th... Read More

  • How Do I Set Up A Private Payout?

    To add a private payout, you need to click the Affiliate Settings button on the campaign they wish to pay the private payout on. You can then select the Add Affiliate Payout button which will load a new field.  You then need to add the Affiliates Usernam... Read More

  • What Is A Cash Prize?

    As an Advertiser, you can run cash prize competitions to entice the Affiliates to push your offer once it is live on the network. ClickSure provides you with the means to pay the cash prize amounts directly to an Affiliate.  *Please note, the ClickSure f... Read More

  • How Do I Pay Out A Cash Prize Amount?

    When your account is created, a cash prize campaign (CPR) is automatically created as well. This can be viewed in the My Campaigns section of your Advertiser account.  You can then click the Issue Cash Prize in the My Campaigns section of your account.... Read More