Female Pheromone Makes Men Feel More Desirable


Copulins Improve Men’s Perception of Sexual Attractiveness

There are instances where some people like a person and they just cannot explain why. Scientists have tried to explain this as an effect of pheromones. Research shows that a form of these substances produced by women makes men feel more sexually desirable – it improves their self-esteem.

Sexual Attraction
Sexual Attraction

Women are said to secrete a sex pheromone known as copulin. Some experts have observed a connection between this substance a woman’s menstrual cycle, in terms of quantity.

These pheromones produced by women are said to influence sexual responses in men. This effect supposedly contributed to the choice of name for the chemicals.

It just seems that the effects of copulins aren’t at the same levels as those of sex pheromones in other primates.

Pheromones in animals

In most cases, body odor is a repulsive thing for humans. It is typical for those who have them to be avoided.

But odor produced by pheromones plays a vital role in sexual activity of many other animals. It is what males typically use to attract females, or vice versa, for mating.

Researchers have found that vaginal secretions of primates contain several fatty acids, which are what they described as copulins. Females who produce more of these substances attract more males.

When a female primate has these fatty acids in a high concentration, it is a pointer that such is highly fertile.

But what effect do copulins have on men when it comes to mating?

Pheromone effects in humans

In 2016, Rutgers University researchers Megan Williams and Amy Jacobson assessed how copulins affect the mating psychology of men. They did this using synthetic copulins containing five fatty acids. The amounts of the fatty acids comparable to those associated with the time a woman is most fertile in her cycle (ovulation period).

Straight men, numbering 100, were made to wear either a mask having the copulin solution or one having none. The subjects were then asked to assess the attractiveness of women’s faces by looking at their pictures.

The men were asked to rate their own sexual drive and desirability as well, among other requirements.

Williams and Jacobson observed that male subjects who wore masks with the copulin solution considered themselves 21 percent more desirable to women than counterparts who wore untainted masks.

Researchers in osmology think that men and women are sexually attracted to each other as a result of the action of pheromones. They think this may explain – at least, partly – while some people are considered more desirable, even when such might not be all that physically attractive.

For instance, men who have high amount of the pheromone androsterone are thought to be the sexiest.

A drop in the production of pheromones, especially as a result of aging, is said to make some have low self-esteem or feel lonely, irritable or depressed.

There’s certainly no doubt about whether humans produce pheromones like other animals. It only appears the chemicals do not drive sexual behaviors as strongly as they do in those others.



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