Have More Than One Account With Us?

Managing multiple account types can be time consuming and complicated. By opening a Master account with ClickSure you can simplify this process and get a detailed overview of all of your accounts. To open a Master account, you simply need to have 2 or more accounts registered with us.

Here's How Opening A
Master Account Will Benefit You

group your

The Dashboard is laid out in a simple to understand format giving you an overview of all of your accounts in one place. Link unlimited accounts to your Master account.

create new
accounts fast

Create new Affiliate/Advertiser accounts inside your Master Account and copy across saved settings from existing accounts. This can save you a ton of time and effort.

easily copy

Save precious time by quickly and easily copying your account details across multiple linked accounts.

all the support
you need

Don’t forget you get round the clock support provided by our support team including access to 2 dedicated account managers on skype. Not sure of something? Just ask!

Save time & effort

Multiple ClickSure accounts are now a breeze to run

Our Master Account allows you to group all of your Affiliate and/or Advertiser accounts into one control panel, giving you an overview of their performance from a simple and intuitive dashboard.

This enables you to spend less time completing your daily admin and management tasks, stay organised much easier and instantly see and review ‘The Big Picture’.

With easy account set up, the ability to copy details over to new accounts and specialised payment tools, the master account really can save you time and stress.

The ClickSure Master Account...
your new favorite tool

Connect a new account immediately

Connect a new account immediately and copy settings from your existing accounts, so you are not required to fill out the same sign up information over and over.

Transactions and Analytics sections

Transactions and Analytics sections within the Master Account are designed to simplify managing Affiliate accounts so you can keep track of numerous accounts from one page.

Monitor all your accounts

Advertisers can monitor numerous accounts through the Analytics, Billing History and Transactions sections of your Master Account.

Login to multiple accounts from one place

Save precious time with the ability to login in quickly and easily to all of your linked accounts.

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves

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With our vast experience of affiliate marketing we know how to give you the very best in support, advanced tools and the importance of encouraging communication between Affiliates and Advertisers.



Choose from a huge range of diverse, high converting offers to promote, while freely communicating with the Advertisers to form individual profitable relationships.

1k +

vendors / crm

Everything you need to start selling online. Including secure payment integration, secure shopping cart, digital product delivery and full customer management system.


clicks & counting

Trust our robust platform to handle your traffic. Everyday Affiliates and Advertisers process millions of clicks, through ClickSure’s advanced tracking system.

600k +

actions tracked

Never miss an action with our cutting edge tracking technology. Our Affiliates drive thousands of actions for our Advertisers daily across a variety of markets and payout types.