How Does ClickSure Work?

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ClickSure provides you with personalised links to promote Vendors products via your website, your social media posts or your email lists.

For each sale made you can earn up to a massive 70% commission! All of your sales and commissions information is stored in the Affiliate Dashboard so you can track all of your sales.

You Can Promote A Huge Selection Of The Best Converting Products, With Reliable Weekly Commission Payouts... Starting Today!


How Does ClickSure Work



Get Started Right Now... In Just 3 Simple Steps

 Step 1: Join ClickSure

It's so simple to get started.

Click the button to the bottom right... it's free to join. Fill in your info and you'll be given your login details immediately. Now you'll have 24/7 access to our huge selection of products which you can promote and earn from online. You do not deal with customers, deliveries, queries or returns. You just promote... we take care of everything else.


Step 2: Browse & Choose Products To Promote

Our Marketplace pages make it easy.

You'll want to promote something relevant to your niche, so all our products are categorised. Choose a product or products that will suit your visitors and grab your personal promotion link. Even if you've never been an affiliate marketer before, don't worry. It's very easy to get started and we'll give you lots of help, support and resources. You can read our simple explaination of affiliate marketing to find out more.


Step 3: Promote Your Chosen Products

Personlised links and a ton of helpful, profitable resources.

Use your link on your site, in your social media posts, send to your email list... it doesn't matter how you promote it. If someone buys through your link, you earn commission. And remember, our commissions are up to a HUGE 70%! We also have a host of useful resources which are free for you to use and will save you a ton of time. High converting banners, professionally written product reviews and emails will all help you grab those sales and commissions.