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Why does ClickSure show on my credit card statement? is a marketplace that allows sellers (product owners) to sell their products through our secure platform.

If you have purchased a product from our marketplace or if someone else has unlawfully used your card to purchase a product through our platform, please contact our Refund and Billing Support team and they will look up your order and provide you with instant assistance.

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What is a ClickSure Affiliate?

As an affiliate your only job is to promote the product(s). The best way to do this is by having a website on your chosen subject and filling it with content regarding your subject.

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What is a ClickSure Seller?

Start selling your digital products in the next few hours with ClickSure’s full product and billing support. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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What is a ClickSure Advertiser?

Boost your sales results with performance based marketing. Reach more customers than ever before by utilising the global reach of the ClickSure affiliate network.

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Does ClickSure offer Refunds?

As a leading online retailer, ClickSure takes customer service and satisfaction very seriously. To ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase, we have created what we call our 'ClickSure Consumer Promise'. Basically, if you are not satisfied with ANY Clicksure purchase, we will issue a full refund, within 60 Days.

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If you need to discuss a refund or a charge from ClickSure please contact our Refund and Billing Support Team..