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Working Together

At ClickSure, we don't believe in creating barriers. That's why you are free to contact and work directly with the affiliates who are promoting your offers. This means you can develop relationships and grow your sales much more quickly and efficiently.


Attract new affiliates easily by showcasing your offers in our marketplace. Use our launch calendar to notify affiliates about upcoming launches so you can hit the ground running with sales on the first day.

My Profile

Affiliates can showcase their talents and experience to you via their profile. With a full bio, trust score and details of their promotional methods you get full transparency of who is promoting your offers.


Our open communication tool allows you to work directly with affiliates, allowing transparency and the option of offering higher payouts for top quality leads and traffic.

Free up your time

Say goodbye to time-consuming affiliate management. At ClickSure, we take care of all of the mundane, but vitally important, admin tasks so that you can concentrate on promoting your offers and driving more conversions.

Affiliate Payouts

We manage your affiliate payments for you. Using multiple payment solutions, we ensure that your affiliates get paid on time every time, keeping them motivated to send you more traffic.

Affiliate KYC

KYC compliance can be a real headache for advertisers so we do all of that on your behalf, meaning you can meet your compliancy requirements without lifting a finger.

Fraud Prevention

Using incredibly effective fraud prevention tools such as Forensiq, we stop potential affiliate fraud in its tracks so you are never out of pocket.

Take Control

At the end of the day, it’s still your affiliate program and that means you should have complete control over the setup and performance of your campaigns. So, that's exactly what we give you...

Traffic Sources

With all of the information we provide you, you'll know exactly which traffic sources work best for each of your offers so you can target your campaigns for maximum revenues.


You decide which locations you want to accept traffic from and which landing pages to send visitors to. You can even set-up split-tests to optimize your funnels for maximum conversions.

Advanced Reporting

Whether you need a quick top level overview or a detailed breakdown of clicks, actions, conversions and more, our advanced reporting system has you covered.

Create your own pricing model

Advertisers can create their own pricing model, so unlike traditional advertising methods you only pay out on the action you set. This means you can allocate your budget to specific measurable results enabling you to scale faster, with higher returns.

We also believe in transparency when it comes to what we charge and our upfront pricing structure operates on a sliding scale designed at rewarding you. Fees start at 10% and reduce down to as little as 5% based on weekly performance.

Advertiser Fees and Discounts
10% Fees Default Fees
9% Fees If weekly sales are over $25,000
8% Fees If weekly sales are over $45,000
7% Fees If weekly sales are over $65,000
6% Fees If weekly sales are over $85,000
5% Fees If weekly sales are over $100,000

Set your own payment model


Cost Per Install

This is for apps / mobile where the advertiser will pay on an app install


Cost Per Sale

This is paid on a sale and it is usually set on a % of the sale


Cost Per Lead

For example, an email lead or a full registration to a service


Cost Per Action

Paid on a sale but it could be set to any action the advertiser likes

Stress-Free Selling:

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  • Full turnkey affiliate reporting and payments solutions
  • Global reach - affiliates and publishers from all over the world
  • Start driving more traffic and sales to your brand today

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